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Greetings, and thanks for stopping by. Let's face it. Sometimes in our lives we all need help, in one way or another. Maybe the following questions and answers could be of assistance to you?

If you need further help with this web site, kindly send us your questions by using our contact us form.

Q. Are you accepting online banner advertisements?
A. Yes.  We are now accepting online banner advertisements. Simply click on the following link: Advertise with us.

Q. What is the address and phone number for the Municipal Building of the Borough of Wood-Ridge?
A. Borough of Wood-Ridge, 85 Humbolt Street, Wood-Ridge, New Jersey 07075, Tel: (201) 939-0202

Q. Are there any jobs available at the Wood-Ridge Municipal Building?
A. Good question. Your best bet is to call them directly at (201) 939-0202 or stop by there Office.

Q. What's the phone number for the Wood-Ridge Police Department?
A. It's (201) 939-0476 for Non-Emergency. Emergency, dial 911.

Q. What's the phone number for the Wood-Ridge Fire Department?
A. It's (201) 939-0476 for other business. To report a fire, dial 911.

Q. How can I get in touch with the Wood-Ridge Recreation Department?
A. Simply dial (201) 939-7507, plus you can obtain further information from there web site by clicking here.

Q. Where is your web site directory?
A. It's located at http://www.wood-ridge.com/sitemap. It's actually called a site map. Just about each web page on this site has a "Site Map" link located near the top right of it's web page.

Q. What's the latest news with the old Curtiss-Wright property?
A. Questions concerning about the old Curtiss-Wright property would be best answered by contacting the Borough of Wood-Ridge at (201) 939-0202.

Q. What's the latest update about the cell tower for Wood-Ridge?
A. It would be best to contact our Borough Hall Office at (201) 939-0202.

Q. My home computer is running slow or I may have a computer virus. Is there someone locally that can take a look at my system?
A. Yes, simply go to the following link: PC Repair, and schedule an appointment. The services are affordable.

Q. What is the address and phone number for Springfield Precision Instruments?
A. Springfield Precision Instruments
76 Passaic Street
Wood Ridge, NJ 07075
Phone number: 1-973-777-2900

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