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Fond Memories of Wood-Ridge

Memories from the former
Borough Historian of Wood-Ridge

By Ludwig Metzger

My parents Rosie and Lambert Metzger lived in the area since 1892 and 1884 respectfully. I was brought to 16 Humboldt St. on June 2, 1919 (14 months old). The house was built about 1880 by Karl Mach of 20 Humboldt St. At that time there was much wooded areas near that address. On Charter Oak Street called Gwinn's Woods, earlier Wedel's Woods.

Marshal Charles Wedel was first owner of 16 Humboldt St. I remember Ed and Wally Kerr, in fact I went to school with both of them. I REMEMBER MR. FLAVELL, (Herb's father) as SANTA CLAUS on the hook and ladder. The W-R Fire Dept STILL goes around town with Santa on the truck. There was an older couple named Kiefer.

I played around with Billy De Bree, Paul Hediger, Phil Reif and Art Cauceglia. Also Otto Niederer, Tim Mccoy, Joe and Henny Kochany and Bill and Edgar Weber on 4th Street (lower numbers) who among their several chickens had two nanny goats. John Kiefer was a founder of the W-R Fire Dept. Also possibly a relative to me on my mothers side of the family.

In 1933 at age 15, I was delivering newspapers for Isadore Levin and I remember that winter seeing milk delivered on Rose Street from a large horse drawn sleigh, it was Bordens Milk Co. Kitty and Jovita were my sisters both born at 16 Humboldt Street by a mid-wife from Bean-Town (east Carlstadt). Although both my sisters were younger than I both have passed on. 

I have many more memories of W-R to share with everyone, which I will next time I visit with all of you. I have been Borough Historian since 1978 and Charter member of History of Wood-Ridge Committee from 1960 to 1999, now called the Wood-Ridge Historical Society, thanks to Fred Patak of Highland Avenue. We welcome new members, regardless of WHERE you now reside. 

Regards, Lou

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