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Fond Memories of Wood-Ridge

Fond Memories of Wood-Ridge
By Mary Lou Niles Grant

I go back to the 30's and remember Pop Grill's Candy Store on the Blvd. His homemade ice cream and all of the penny candy. We kids would take the pennies off of the newspaper stand and have the nerve to walk into the store and try to buy our candy. Sometimes we even got away with it though not too often. I used to live in the first house in back of the stores on Marlboro Rd. My father was the school doctor. I have a lot of very fond memories of Wood Ridge and all of the stores on the Blvd.  Thanks for letting me share.

Any residents in W-R old enough to remember the horse drawn ice wagon or vegetable wagons?  How about the guy that came around in the late afternoon with the round and round kids rides on a truck?  Who can name all of the stores on the Blvd. back in the "old" days. I bet I can.  Thanks.

New Addition:
Darrows Candy Store on the Blvd. They sold Bryers Ice Cream were near the Safeway or was it the A&P on the corner?  Bookstabers was the drug store and had a soda fountain where I got the best butterscotch sundae for 15 cents after shopping at the Safeway/A&P and bought a # of stew meat for 20 cents. Silvercup bread was 8 cents.  I remember Jansen's dairy with the bulb necked bottle where the cream rose to the top. I wish more people would post their memories of long ago. 

Jeanette Trabilsy was my best friend and lived with her aunt Jennie Bothe. Pop Grill lived upstairs. My father was the school doctor and I lived at 391 Marlboro Rd. as well as 378 and 303 Marlboro Rd. I was just a little kid then and now I'm an old lady with grandkids. I can't believe it.

Herbert Tell Us More Stories
By Mary Lou Niles Grant

Herbert this is for you. You mentioned Dr. Young and I believe his sister was an art teacher I had in the the 5th grade at the old school. Do you remember Mr. Bruno the geography teacher, ringing the bell at the old school and Mrs. Doyle? Did Dr. Cartnick deliver the babies in your family or was it Dr. Niles, my father. This sure brings back alot of memories and you are a very good story teller. Tell us some more. Did you know my brothers Bill or George Niles?

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