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Fond Memories of Wood-Ridge

Fond Memories of Wood-Ridge
By Nancy Nichols Frey

My family moved to Wood-Ridge in the mid-sixties from North Arlington. We lived at 250 Sussex Rd., across from Jim Novello, (WRPD).  I attended Catherine Doyle from 1969 to 1972.

Does anyone remember Miss Averso, Mrs. Tunnison, Mrs. Wright, Mr. Hardenstein (music)? We used to play at the end of Sussex Rd. "the dirt road" where Sussex turned into Innes. There was a drainage ditch deeper in the woods toward Hasbrouck Heights.  We shopped at IGA, Mill's Bakery (world's best crumb buns) and Siegels. We got gas at the Esso station on the corner of Valley Blvd and Innes. We went to the Presbyterian church and played at the park next door. 

I remember the Fire whistle at 7:00 pm each night playing kickball at dusk hearing the drum and bugle corps practice down by Curtiss Wright. When there was a good snow, sledding down the hill toward the CW parking lot, trying to avoid the trees. I attended Baye's dance studio for ballet in the late 60's. We had our recital in W-R High School.

Although we moved in 1973 to South Florida, the years I spent growing up in Wood-Ridge have left fond memories in my mind.

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