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Fond Memories of Wood-Ridge

Growing Up in Wood-Ridge
By Robert Quinn

I lived on Innes Rd. from 1930-1940 and have wonderful memories of growing up in Wood-Ridge.

I remember Jansen's milk wagon and the sleigh they used when the streets were covered with snow, the milkman would sometimes let me ride with him for short distances. While most kid's
wanted to grow up to be police or firemen, I wanted to be a milkman.  I remember the Ice man who delivered ice and would always give us kid's ice chips on the hot summer days.

I remember the truck with the little carousal that the man turned with a hand crank.  I remember Dugan's Bakery truck that my older brother worked on as a helper on Saturdays for several years.  I remember Memorial Day's (I think it was called decoration day then) when all the kid's would decorate their bikes and everyone wore poppy's.  The WW1 Vet's would parade on Hackensack St. to the memorial at the old school where they would hold ceremonies. 

I remember July 4th, another parade on the Blvd. Later fun and games at the field behind the school sponsored by the American Legion, they gave free tickets to the kids for Ice Cream, Soda and Cracker Jacks.  I remember Charlie's Bus, it was a one man operation. It ran along 7th St. to and from Rutherford to Wood-Ridge terminating at Innes Rd. Fare five cents, very popular with High School students who had to go to school in Rutherford.

I remember Bill's Sonoco station on the northwest corner of Innes Rd. and the Blvd. and the Esso station on the southwest corner. Also the A&P and National markets, Derro's candy store, Barbershop, Pharmacy, Hardware store and Pop's candy store.

I remember the new National supermarket built on the east side of the Blvd. about 1940, it had shopping carts, check out stands etc. I remember 5th grade at the old school.  The first day the teacher, Mrs. McNamara asked if I had a brother named Edward.  I knew I was in trouble since she had flunked him seven years earlier.  Sure enough she flunked me too.

I remember the Pierce Arrow Ambulance that was kept at the fire house, they would push it down the hill to get it started.  I remember the woods below 10th St. it was our favorite place to
play. There was a series of ponds in depressions left from the oil storage tanks in the 1920s, they were always full of water and were great for ice skating in the winter. Also there were the Abandoned sand pits down past the railroad tracks where the big kids would go swimming.

I remember my friends, Eddie Moran who lived down the street, Dave and Rich Erickson who lived on Windsor Rd.  I will never forget the Hayes family who lived across the street and were so kind to me after my mother passed away.  I have been living happily in San Diego, California for the past 46 years, but I will always remember Wood-Ridge, N.J.

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