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Doors and Windows

  • Security starts with properly locked doors and windows, since these are the most common entry points. (One in four burglars enter through an unlocked door or window - Source: Consumer Union of the U.S. 1990.)

  • Install dead bolts

  • Use a door brace for low use doors and in a "safe" room

  • All locks should be changed when you move into a previously occupied house.

  • Don't hide keys anywhere.

    Household Property

  • Don't encourage a burglar by displaying valuable items where they can be seen from a window.

  • Engrave all your property, for traceable identification.

  • Make a list of all your valuables, including serial numbers.

    While away from Home

  • Leave on a radio or TV

  • Consider putting lights on a timer if you return home after dark regularly, including photo sensitive flood lights.

  • If you will be away for a few days:
    Arrange for someone to cut the grass or shovel snow.
    Leave a car in the driveway instead of the garage.
    Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on house and pick up your mail and newspapers.

    Install a Home Security Device

  • Noise is the burglar's biggest enemy. Even when the above tips are used an intruder sensing alarm is necessary.

  • Remember, one in four burglaries occur while the people are at home.

  • Physical security like locks and good neighbors or dogs can be easily overcome.

  • An alarm system will make so much noise that a burglar will not stay, and is unlikely to run off with anything. Once the alarm is sounded, the intruder knows he has been detected and will waste no time in exiting. He is uncertain who has heard the alarm or if security or police are being dispatched.

  • Of course, if occupants are present at the time, and are alerted, they are able to take precautionary action that could save their lives.

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